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Thank You to the Microsoft Q&A Community Champions

We would like to celebrate this month's Community Champions for their great contribution to the community on Microsoft Q&A!

Microsoft Q&A Community Champions program recognizes external technology experts who contribute to the Microsoft Q&A community by providing quality answers to the technical questions. They are our true ‘champions’ and provide additional help by taking moderator roles and provide suggestions to improve our overall platform as well as user experience. This program includes both MVPs and non-MVP expert users.

We recognize top contributors by providing incentives like moderator privileges in Microsoft Q&A platform, gift cards and also share about Q&A contributions in social media channels like Azure Support Twitter handle and in Microsoft Q&A Azure Leaderboard.

Thank You to all the Microsoft Q&A Community Champions.
They are helping make Microsoft Q&A a vibrant place for learning.

@AlanKinane @AlbertoMorillo @AndreasBaumgarten @andriybilous @AndyDavid @arunano @Cooldadtx @CristianSpiridon72 @danguzman @davidlowndes-6766 @dev073 @DSPatrick @glenscales-6756 @JackLee-MVP @jaiverma-7010 @JaliyaUdagedara @kasunraj @learn2skills @LeonLaude @ManuPhilip @MartinCairney-6481 @MatthijsvdVeer @michev @mohamedmustafa-7057 @NandanHegde-7720 @nasreen-akter @nikhilmahajan-8887 @PierreLucGiguere-5297 @Pituach @pvanberlo @rahultherayil-7956 @riteshmishra-6694 @Sam-Cogan @samy-7940 @sandervandevelde42 @sanm-7576 @SashaKranjac @Sean-Liming @shwetamathur @sreejukg @stan @Taz-3478 @thomasboersma @vaibhavchaudhari @svikram

Also, if you are interested in joining the Microsoft Q&A Community Champions program and help shape the future of Microsoft Q&A, please apply here: Community Champions Application form

Special invitation to:

@arkiboys @MarkKromer-2402 @TomPhillips-1744 @jhueppauff @cooldadtx @RyanAbbey-0701 @BillBell-6414 @David-3633 @sadomovalex @OlafHelper-2800 @yagmoth555 @cakriwut @MalleswarReddy @Rahulkps23 @ehsanzarei-0981 @stoyanchalakov @zhenhuali-3848

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Excellent job everyone!!!!

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Thank you @JackLee-MVP @kasunraj @michev @Sam-Cogan @Sean-Liming @stan @svikram for your contributions so far in the program. Tagging you here since it didn't work in the original post.

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Hi @cooldadtx @David-3633 @MalleswarReddy @Rahulkps23, Tagging you here again since it didnt work in the original post. Pls apply to the program if interested. Thanks.

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I believe this program is only for the Windows Azure.
I would like suggest please make it available for other products and other experts and contributors in the forum too.

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Hello Reza - very good to see you here!

The Community Champions program will be extending across all of Q&A as you suggested it should. That is our plan, and I was brought onboard in late October to be the Community Manager for all of Q&A here at Microsoft and make that happen.

Azure has set us up for great success through their efforts to build their community program here and many of their lessons and experiences will be taken into account as we expand across the platform. Expect more news around this in the new year as we get the initial work done with both internal and external partners on Q&A.

My short-term suggestion is to continue contributing here on Q&A as you have been so that your efforts show up when we begin looking at contributions on other tags across Q&A. We appreciate all of your and the entire community's dedication to helping others on Q&A.

If you have any questions just let me know.


Community Manager
Microsoft Q&A

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Hi Richard,

Thank you for your valuable inputs.


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