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Reference nuget package from JFrog artifactory in Visual Studio .Net Project

Jfrog artifactory binding throwing "Failed to load" error while trying to pull nuget package in Visual Studio 2017. But I can be able to download same through browser and curl command on GIT bash prompt. Please suggest what I need to do to reference and download it in Visual studio to utilize in any .Net project.


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Hi @AshishGupta-0170 , did you get NuGet package by right-clicking the project > Manage NuGet Packages… > Browse > Install? Is there any detailed error message except "Failed to load"?

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Hi @AshishGupta-0170 , is the package source set to, in Tools > Options > NuGet Package Manager > Package Sources? And did you choose in NuGet Package Manager?



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When this issue can be isolated to this level (404 on a specific Artifactory URL), you shouldn't bother anyone here to assist but should go straight to Artifactory technical support to learn how to fix that. It might be a simple configuration issue, but only the vendor of Artifactory knows the best.

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Hi @TianyuSun-MSFT , In current scenario, I am trying to reference JFrog artifactory rather than to get the required package. I am following all the steps mentioned in "Set Me Up" dialog box on JFrog artifactory portal for adding package source reference in Visual Studio. I can be able to view all package through browser but in Visual studio throwing errors. Please guide.

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Hi @AshishGupta-0170 , would you mind sharing me the steps which you are following? I am willing to try it on my side and figure out how to fix this issue.

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