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how to send specific content in User Panel for each user in ASP.NET Core 5

I am building a student management system in which the curriculum is loaded by the teacher and the student submits a work report at the end of the curriculum. My project was made with ASP.NET Core MVC. But I have a problem with this program and I do not know how to send a curriculum for each student, that is, each student has a special curriculum and a new curriculum is uploaded for him every week.

I have done the steps of creating tables and relationships between them as well as authentication but I do not know how to proceed

My problem is sending a specific content to each user so that each user can see that specific content on their user page.

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Your question is too open to answer. Maybe you are asking how to upload a file?

Upload files in ASP.NET Core

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I have no problem with how to upload the file
My problem is how to assign this file to a unique student

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Hi @Pezhvak-1385 , It seems you have two tables User and Curriculum and they have relationships. You want to know how to add curriculum to the User. Could you please share your model design and the relationships between them?

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