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Unable to retrieve photos from the Graph API

Our app uses the following link to obtain photos from the Graph API.$value

and this was working well until recently. 3-4 days ago we noticed that guest users in our Azure AD no longer have access to any profile images in the system, and get the following error:

     "error": {
         "code": "UnknownError",
         "message": "{\r\n  \"errorCode\": \"ErrorAccessDeniedForUser\",\r\n  \"message\": \"Exception of type 'Microsoft.Fast.Profile.Core.Exception.ProfileUnauthorizedException' was thrown.\",\r\n  \"target\": null,\r\n  \"details\": null,\r\n  \"innerError\": null,\r\n  \"instanceAnnotations\": []\r\n}",
         "innerError": {
             "date": "2021-12-21T14:25:36",
             "request-id": "9684bb8a-c2d9-4ecc-a97c-e2ea683038d6",
             "client-request-id": "9684bb8a-c2d9-4ecc-a97c-e2ea683038d6"

"Regular" users are still able to access the profile images, it is just the guest users who cannot.

We also tried the same with the new, non-beta endpoint$value

But we get the same result. We know that this was working until recently but no longer does.

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Hi @JaspreetBakshi-6612

It should be that the default access permissions of the guest user are restricted. You can log in to the Azure portal as a global administrator, then find User settings>External collaboration settings, and then choose Guest users have the same access as members (most inclusive).
Another method is to grant guest users the role of user administrator.

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Thanks for your answer Carl.

The issue we are seeing is that guest users cannot see any photos (for any person in the tenant). So it is not a matter of the guest users setting up their photos. It is that they cannot see photos of members or guest in the tenant. Inhouse users (non-guests) can see all photos.

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Hi @JaspreetBakshi-6612 Oh, that's it, I changed the answer.

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Hi dear @JaspreetBakshi-6612 Would you please provide us with an update on the status of your issue?

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Hi Carl,

Thanks for your answer. I did try it but it doesn't seem to address the issue. I still see these "401, Unauthorized" responses for photo fetches, when making the request as a guest.

These are our current access settings, set as per your instructions:


But still we get the 401 message response:


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Hi @JaspreetBakshi-6612 I need to check your access token, can you use to parse your token and share screenshots?

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Hi Carl, I have the token information. Would it be possible for me to email this to you instead of sharing it here?

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Very sorry @JaspreetBakshi-6612 , but we have been told that it is not allowed to contact customers by private email. Can you share a screenshot of your token here? Only the privacy information needs to be hidden.

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Carl, here is info about the token:


I hope I have not gone overboard with the information hiding. Please let me know if you need the value of any specific field.

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Hi @JaspreetBakshi-6612 I have reproduced your problem using a guest user. I think this is an unknown error and I need to discuss it with the team.

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