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Hi please awnser me

Hi i was create an app this app was for example you click a menu and the app was auto write code for you and the codes this app was auto writing language is small basic language i want to know how when someone use my app can run code writed with out run small basic app please awnser me

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Hi bot please use full stops ....

 menuList["File"] = "Main"
 menuList["Open"] = "File"
 menuList["New"] = "Open"
 menuList["Last"] = "Open"
 menuList["Exit"] = "File"
 menuList["Help"] = "Main"
 menu = LDControls.AddMenu(GraphicsWindow.Width,20,menuList,"","")
 LDControls.Menu = OnMenu
 Sub OnMenu
   TextWindow.WriteLine(LDControls.LastMenuItem+" Clicked")
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When your program successfully runs you will see in the small basic programs directory a file that has a .exe extension. To the side of that it will say that it is an application file. You can send this to any-one, and they will be able to run it even if they don't have "Small Basic" installed. They do have to have their computer at the right .net level to run it, but that is all that is needed.

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Blockquotebut that is all that is needed.

That is not true. The .exe-file of a Small Basic program needs the SmallBasicLibrary.dll file in the same directory, and to use the Litdev extension also the litdev.dll

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WhTurner, You are correct I wasn"t thinking of the extensions.

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