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How to send mail in outlook without using outlook send button with the help of outlook add ins

I created an add-ins for Outbound CRM call which opens in outlook compose screen. Now when we reply on some messages and write something related to CRM call and click on CRM call add-ins then it creates CRM call successfully but now the client want after clicking on CRM call add-ins message should be also sent and customer don't have to come to press send button again.

so, is there any way so we can call send function inside from add ins only?

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As the the tag "office-itpro" does not include the issues on Outlook, I would remove it.
Thanks for your understanding.

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Hi @KishanRay-6656 ,
Welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum.
According to your description, seems that your issue is more related to development, In order to better resolve your problem, I will add the tag” office-addins-dev”.
Thanks for your understanding and hope your issue would be resolved soon.

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