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Is there a way to use Storyboard with ListView/GridView items?

Hi all,

Here is my question:

I have a GridView in my UWP app. Each item in the GridView, keeps a button. Like following:

I also have a pre-defined animation in a Storyboard like following

OK, here comes the question, is it possible to use the animations defined in the Storyboards with the GridView items? What I want is: When user clicks on the mOpenDetailButton button, OpenStoryboard will be played, and the ScaleY value of grid changes with it.

Any help would be appreciated, thank you.

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About "the ScaleY value of grid changes with it", I'm confused with the grid you mentioned. In "OpenStoryboard" Storyboard, the TargetName points to the "grid", but in DataTemplate, we didn't find an element named "grid", are you actually referring to "myGrid" in the DataTemplate? In addition, you can refer to this link to check how to add xaml code.

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