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MS Teams Application HTTP Context Session Changed when Postback and failed to get SPContext

HI all,
I have a MS Teams App that contains tab for opening SharePoint Add-ins (Provider-hosted, webforms) pages.

When using MS Teams Desktop and web, the session always changes when Postback and failed to get SharePoint Context.

After clicking the button for Postback

This only happens in using MS Teams Desktop and Web for some users.

To replicate,
1. simply create a webform SharePoint Add in for SharePoint Online
2. in the default page add a asp:button to the page
3. deploy and add the app to SharePoint Online
4. Create a app using App Studio in MS Teams
5. add the default page as a tab in the app
6. open the app in MS Teams Web
7. click the button

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Hi @YanniePang-7534 ,
I am currently doing some research on this issue, will let you know as soon as possible

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