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PySpark UPSERT using Deltalake never ends in synapse (related to logging/telemetry on private Microsoft package)

Hello, I have a problem using deltalake format on Azure Synapse Analyics, when doing an upsert, hope you can help me.

I describe the steps:

First I write 4.000.000 records on a new folder on Datalake Gen2 using


and it takes about 45 minutes.

Then in another session I try to write the same 4.000.000 records with UPSERT using the example code:

 deltaTable.alias("dimension") \
                 .merge(df_after_etl.alias("updates"), updateCondition) \
                 .whenMatchedUpdate(set = updateMap ) \
                 .whenNotMatchedInsertAll() \

And was runnning for more than 40 hours and never ends (nor throws error).

Here I attach images with the situation and the DAG:
This is the big picture:
The Job that has 24 stages (as you see it show 100% but no ending)
The 24 stages overview:
The problem is on task 99
And its DAG is:
AS you can see, they all are related to a line SynapseLoggingShim.scala:86
When I get the detail:
So you can see that this is related to a telemetry package of Microsoft.

 sun.reflect.NativeMethodAccessorImpl.invoke0(Native Method)

Do you know if there's something I can do to avoid this and be capable of using upsert/merge pattern?

Can be a bug inside Microsoft's telemetry package?

Thanks in advance!

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Hello @JBagnato ,
Thanks for the ask and using the Microsoft Q&A platform .
At this time, we are reaching out to the internal team to get some help on this . We will update you once we hear back from them.

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JBagnato avatar image JBagnato HimanshuSinha-MSFT ·

Hello Himanshu I hope you can help me because I am still blocked due to that "SynapseLoggingShim.scala" file.
I did some more testing with lesser rows (with 100.000 instead of 4 million) but still got stucked.
I do also did testing with more excecutors but It still gets on that state for hours.

Thank you

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issue09.jpg (62.1 KiB)

Hello @JBagnato ,
Just heard back from the internal team and the error is not related to the telemetry code, but the actual delta merge operation.
Spark driver is just waiting to finish the task but the task is lost due to an executor failure or other issue.
If you look into the the spark event log (spark history UI -> download) & spark driver log (and executor logs if possible) , we may find more info .

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