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Identify which B2B my users are invited to?


is there a way to list which B2B invites users in my own tenant are invited to? The use case would be if an organization would like to perform some hardening of an existing tenant where its users have been invited as guests in other tenants. How would one go about reviewing all the invites?

User1 is GA in tenant A
User2 and User3 is normal user in tenant A
User2 is invited as a guest in tenant B
User3 is invited as a guest in tenant C

Can User1 list all the guest relationships of its users and how would you go about doing this?


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Hi @theodorbrander , just so I can understand more, are you including all tenants, or just tenants that are yours? And are the users all using email domains that belong to your tenant, or can they be from external identity providers?

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Dear @JamesHamil-MSFT,

thank you for your reply. For the specific scenario I have in mind I am just referring to that I am Global Admin over tenant A and that tenant B and C are external identity providers. I should still be able to identify where "my" users actually use their identity, right? Like, where they are invited as guests.


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