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Visual Studio 2022 Professional Purchased, Visual Studio 2019 Product Key / Licensing?

I’ve just purchased a standalone license for Visual Studio 2022 Professional (; my understanding (from asking a Microsoft online chat agent) was that this includes a license to Visual Studio 2019 Professional.

My experience:
– After using the Visual Studio 2022 Professional “Install” link from my order, Visual Studio 2022 Professional installed ok.
– No license was found (beyond a Trial license) after signing in.
– Going back to my Visual Studio 2022 Professional order page: no product key was shown on the page (I do recall a product key being shown when I first visited the page, before installing the software).
– I phoned a Microsoft Store support number and got a product key for Visual Studio 2022 Professional.
– Trying to use the key with Visual Studio 2019 Professional failed.

– Is a license to Visual Studio 2019 Professional included in the purchase of a standalone Visual Studio 2022 Professional license? Do I need to phone support again and ask for another product key? (Given the complexity of just getting the first key, maybe 20min on the phone explaining matters, I’d like to know the answer…)

– From, there is a link to In the linked file, in the “Visual Studio / Professional / Retail” column, checkmarks are present for rows for versions of Visual Studio Professional 2019.

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I was just wondering why do you need both vs 2019 and vs 2022?

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I’m taking on development responsibility for a preexisting project that is a collection of mostly, but not entirely, VS 2019 solutions (some migration towards VS 2022 took place before the project was handed off to me). There is a desire to have a release soon, so I’d rather keep the VS 2019 solutions as-is for the short term.

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Hi @JTE-3143 ,

Welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum.

I guess the .xlsx file you downloaded should be from here(Earlier versions for PC > see the following screenshot):


Normally, if you paid for a Visual Studio subscription and the subscription is still active then you can use the earlier versions which listed in the .xlsx file. But if you paid for a Visual Studio standalone license(except monthly subscription...) then you cannot use the earlier versions of VS.

I still recommend you confirm this by calling to license specialists and here are some related docs/links for you to refer to.

I already paid for an older version of Visual Studio Professional. Do I need to pay for VS 2019 and later versions?

Visual Studio Pricing

Best Regards,

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The posted image in your reply states that 2019 is included in the standalone purchase row "Newest Version (2019)". Maybe that's just a typo, but that's what it says right now.
Additionally, the licensing whitepaper linked to on that same page states:
"For Visual Studio Professional 2019 standalone licenses, the software included in the license is the current version of the
software, Visual Studio Professional 2019, plus downgrade rights to simultaneously run prior versions of Visual Studio
Professional to which you may otherwise have access."

Can you elaborate on this at all?

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