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Some Outlook folders not showing in updated vesion of Outlook for Mac OS Big Sur


My MacBook automatically updated my Outlook to the new version (with the new design) and a few of my folders are not showing. They are visible through the online portal but not showing in Outlook on my computer.


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Hi @EatEpocha-9290 ,

Welcome to our forum!

In order to better understand your issue, please provide some information:

  1. What detailed version of Outlook are you using?(Outlook > About Outlook)

  2. Is the number of folders on the client side the same as on the network side before the outlook upgrade?

  3. What type of folders are missing? Can you provide a screenshot of the comparison between the network side and the client side?

Follow the steps below and see if the local folders can show in Outlook:
1. On the Outlook Menu, click the Preferences button, choose General under Personal Settings.
2. Under SideBar, clear the checkbox of the Hide On My Computer folders:

Besides, turn off the New Outlook via Help > Revert to Legacy Outlook and see if it make difference.

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I still can't see some folders in the new version of Outlook.

I have attached screenshots of my Inbox in Legacy and in the new version and you will see that the folders 07. MARKETING and 09. SUPPLIERS are not showing.

Please advise.



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