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Graph Users Delta API

I am a product manger at Nice (Premium partner of Microsoft). I am using graph delta query api for the integrations with MS.

To fetch users we are using following API$select=givenName,surname,mail,userPrincipalName,department,displayName,companyName,officeLocation,streetAddress,city,state,postalCode,country,preferredLanguage,jobTitle,otherMails,employeeId,manager,memberOf,businessPhones,mobilePhone

When we hit this api first time, we are expecting the list of the latest user records without any change events. Change events are expected in the subsequent api calls but that is not the case.

Below pic show that there are total 5 no of users as of now in azure portal:


Now when we hit the respective delta api for query it return a list containing total of 199 values in json, out of this 5 are actual users while rest list contains change events as shown in below pic.


Can you guide the way to drop these unwanted events and retrieve only the list of actual users that are present in portal.

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Hi @TusharDeshmukh-3672, you can use delta resource to query the change information of all created, updated, or deleted users. Do you want to query only the change information of these five users?

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Hello @TusharDeshmukh-3672, Do you still have this problem?

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