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How to sortOn cell color with ExcelScript?

I am trying to sort in descending order the cells with a 'rose' background, as you can do in the 'filter' or 'custom sort' but with ExcelScript for web:

 range.getSort().apply([ {
     ascending: false,
     key: 5,
     sortOn: ExcelScript.SortOn.cellColor,
     subField: "Rose"

But it does not work. I have tried to record a macro with either sorting cell color or font but the macro does not record the SortOn, instead it just shows:

 selectedSheet.getRange("A8:K50").getSort().apply([{key: 0, ascending: true}], false, true);

Is there any way to sortOn cell color with ExcelScripts?

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FYI, this seems to be already addressed here:

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