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.NET 6.0 Blazor Server Side "WebSocket connection to '' failed:" (Visual Studio 2022)

Hi everyone

I was excited to use the Blazor on .NET 6.0 when the Visual Studio 2022, so I tried to create a Blazor Server Side application with stylesheet and javascript that I used on my previous Blazor Server project, however, I encounter this error.

"WebSocket connection to 'wss://localhost:9895/MyProject/' failed: "

I thought it was a bug that the VS team needs to fix, so I wait for an update when they release 17.1.2.(3/22/2022), the problem still persists.

then I found this post:

and notice that there are people who are the same as me, that still encounter this error, does everyone also experience this? or there is a workaround for this?

I hope someone can help me because I excited to use the .NET 6.0 version of Blazor Server Side

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Hi @ArnoldMendoza-5465,

It seems that the issue has reported in Developer Community:

it is currently fixed and being prepared for release. You can vote it and add your comments in there to track the process.

Or you can also report a new ticket in Developer Community.

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Thanks for the response,, it's weird that they release 2 updates since I encounter this, but they haven't applied the fix on this.

I hope they fixed it ASAP haha, I'm excited to use the .NET 6 Blazor Server

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Hi I am also experiencing the following issue with regards Blazor server. I am running a Blazor server application on VPN with F5 federation. When I have 4 and more the applicants the Blazor application returns => 1006 error stating that the server abruptly terminated the connection ( WebSocket closed with status code: 1006()). At that time the UI reconnects and does another request and restarts the request. The thing stated once I added VS 2022 .net 6 on my machine. It never occurred before I updated my visual studio. I extended the ClientTimeout, KeepAliove and WebSoxkwtsCloseTimeout to double but the issue is not there. I think the issue might have been in the update. Can you kindly assist.

On VPN 5 applicants + F5 => Slow and reconnects
Using direct link to server => Fast from the direct link
Using VDI using Citrix on Azure => Fast with the use of VDI.

The security layer returns 1006 and closes the connection when we did an individual package inspection.

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