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manifest xml not updating excel add-in after changes

Our manifest xml file is having some sort of caching problem where our updates to the manifest file are not showing up on our excel add-in. Instead, the add-in seems to be using and caching older versions of the manifest. We have referenced the documentation and tried clearing the cache.

We tried deleting and re-downloading excel. We tried looking through the developer documentation on Microsoft to enable specific add-ins manually. Since we are all using macs this option does not seem to exist. We recloned our repository into a new yo office excel add-in sample. When we ran the code with our files it reverted to the yo office sample manifest instead of our file.

  • we are using the Excel JS API

  • we are using Typescript, React

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I had this same issue and was able to fix it by 'refreshing' my add-in. Specific steps to do so are:

  1. In Excel Application go to 'Insert' tab then click 'Get Add-ins'

  2. Click the 'refresh' button in upper-right

  3. Done! Your add-in should now be honoring the current manifest.xml content

I wish I could find a more seamless fix for this one, but at least this is a reasonable workaround.

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