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How to know if a dns variable is required in the doh setting of the Edge 100? Edge 101 is OK now. Thanks.

After upgrading to Edge 100 (29-36) in a Windows 11 PC, the default DOH seems to be strange that if select a default server it will show the parameter such as {?dns} in some of them. Then it won't remember the setting, and reversed back to the original default system setting after clicking the other setting and back.
The Edge 100 in 2 other Windows 10 PCs will leave the manual doh server set while Edge 99, but not be able to reset it.
I Tried to remove by "setup --uninstall --force-uninstall --system-level", downloaded and installed the Windows 11 Version Edge, but it still has the same problem.

And I found a manual which can force the DOH working, and seems to work.
Windows Registry Settings
Path (Mandatory): SOFTWARE\Policies\Microsoft\Edge
Path (Recommended): N/A
Value Name: DnsOverHttpsTemplates
Value Type: REG_SZ
If the URI template contains a dns variable, requests to the resolver will use GET; otherwise requests will use POST.

But the new questions happens that the parameter will affect some methods to get DNS record, how to tell which one is better for a DOH server?

Although it seems to be a RFC8484 standard, but a article shows that there are some servers such as QUAD9 and Cloudflare have no {?dns} parameter.;bpv=0;bpt=0

By the way, if the {?dns} is needed in the registry since the some DOH serve is not default such as ( for the family by the cloudflare?


Best Regards

Edge 101 is OK now. Thanks.

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Hi @nevermentor,

It looks like this question is related to Edge's design. In this case I recommand that you open an assisted support ticket so that you can get more help. Thanks for your understanding.

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