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Connection refused for URI on Azure Server


My application used Microsoft Graph for Authentication. The workflow here.

(1)Access to application -> (2)Redirect to Microsoft Login -> [Login success] -> (2)Redirect to my application with code parameter.

Step (1) and (2) It's working when my IT add 3 URLs to whitelist for Azure Server:

But in step (3), I cannot received parameter from , It's appear "Connection refused for URI"
Could you please advise me for any configuration in Azure?


Khoa Phan

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Dear @CarlZhao-MSFT,

Application is working ok, when I add proxy for request and respond But my IT not recommend use proxy server because this server migrated in Azure server, will open anything I want. But, nobody find root cause why Connection refused for URI.

Thanks CarlZhao

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Hi @KhoaPhan-9344 , Thanks for reaching out, can you please repro this issue and get us the details of the query and Request ID, client ID and timestamp of so that we can check the Logs from backend and see what is the issue.

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