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Always joined to a Teams meeting as a guest when using a specific device (android)

I have a strange situation
When I use a Samsung Galaxy S10 phone I am joining Teams meeting as a guest. Even the meetings I create.
From other devices (2 android phones, a Samsung Galaxt Tab A tablet and an Iphone) it works perfectly.

What can be the issue?
On the S10, After I am allowed in the meeting (I am joined in the lobby) everything works. If I switch from other device to the S10 it also works (I am not joined as a guest).

All phones and tablets have Teams installed, other functions working.

Thank you in advance for any help

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Hi @RaulM

How did you join Teams meeting via this device, could you describe the details to us?

Does anyone else have the same question in this specific device?

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We are seeing the same issue for some users in one environment with devices listed below.

Samsung Galaxy S10 (Android 12)
Samsung Galaxy S10e (Android 12)
Samsung Galaxy A52s (Android 12)
Samsung Galaxy S8+ (Android 9)

It seems to work correctly if you use the Join button inside the Teams meeting's chat. Joining from anywhere else (i.e. Teams calendar or Outlook calendar) joins the users as guests. All the users have the latest Teams version (1416/ except for one user who has the previous version (1416/ according to Intune.

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Joined from calendar on Teams android app, just like on the other devices.
Android / IOS on latest version on all devices
I tried also reinstalling the Teams app on the S10 without any changes

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I have exactly the same experience on my Oneplus 9Pro running Android 12.

When I join from calendar on Teams android app it joins me as a guest.

If I open the chat window and join form there everything is OK.

The only difference I see is that there is one additional window when joining form the chat window. (see the screen below). From the calendar it joins me directly.


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I tested with three previous Teams app versions on Samsung S10e (Android 12). The issue occurred on each version. Maybe the issue is tenant related as we are not seeing the issue on other tenants?

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I had something very similar. i can normally connect from my one plus 3T but when connecting from samsung tab i am a guest ;/

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It recommends you post your issue and give the feedback in Teams mobile client like the screenshot:


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12.png (86.7 KiB)


I do not see that option, I can only send feedback. I will check with my colleagues to open ticket to Microsoft.



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We also tested with Oneplus 3T running Android 9 and I have the same experience.

When using personal account it is running fine.

Also we tried with an account which is outside of the Intune policy and we do not have the issue. It is also displaying the additional screen before joining which I mentioned before.

For some reason when joining via the calendar with account which is part of the Intune Security policy the popup is skipped and the user is joined as a guest.


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It seems the issue is fixed with last Teams update.


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