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how to change MS Teams Address for user which is different from Email Address

We have customer , where there ae are business requirement where they want to keep MS Teams address domain different from Email Address domain. UPN and Email address can be match.

Howe we have to change the MS Teams address.


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Hi @jiturohi-4144,

Based on my research and test, Teams uses UPN address to login in, so in order to separate Teams address from Email address, you may have to change the UPN addresses for users using the domain you want to use for Teams. For instructions about bulk change the UPN addresses, hopefully you can find the thread below helpful:
Bulk update AAD/O365 UserPrincipalName Suffix with PowerShell

As regards to the Email addresses, you can consider bulk changing the primary email addresses for the users so that they can use the email addresses to send or receive messages. But per my test, users still need to use the UPN for authentication when accessing OWA or configuring the email account in Outlook.

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Hi @jiturohi-4144,

Just following up to see how things are going on with this thread. Should there's any further concerns, feel free to post back.

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