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Work Folders stopped working, Server shows "Can't Display Users. could be the security group is empty or is Authenticated Users"

Have had workfolders working for a few years. Last week it suddenly stopped forking for all users. When I check server setting I am seeing the Work Folders configuration has not changed, but the Users section says "Can't display users. This could be because the security group is empty or is a special identity such as the Authenticated Users group." The group is Domain Users, the folders are in the location indicated. We have applied security patches to the server 2012 R2. Been looking for a solution for several days now, need help troubleshooting.

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It seems to the network connection issue between DC and file server.

What if you create a new user in AD, will the user showing work folders?

Have you tried restart the server ?

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We have not heard from you for several days, any update?

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