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Hubspot Deal custom object doesn't contain all custom fields in Data Factory?

I'm trying to use Data Factory to bulk copy some Hubspot data tables from MongoDB over to a data file on Azure Data Lake using a pretty simple copy operation.

We've added some custom fields to the Deal data in Hubspot - yet those don't get copied over. Am I missing something?


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Hello @MarkTeskey-2895,
Thanks for the question and using MS Q&A platform.

As we understand the ask here is somehubspot deal custom objects are not getting copied over to ADLS , please do let us know if its not accurate.
Can you please confirm as to in your case the source is MongoDB and sink is adls ? When you say that some of the custom fields are missing , just wanted to check if you go into the mapping tab in copy activity and if you see those fields .

We will wait to hear from you . .

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Hello @HimanshuSinha-MSFT!

I apologize - I made a mistake in my initial question. The source isn't MongoDB - it's Hubspot. We're trying to read custom fields from Hubspot and write the data to ADLS.

Here's some additional information:

1) we have 131 custom fields for the deal object
2) when we do API integration, these show up in "properties" in the json response, if that helps.
3) One custom field is for the serial number. The "backend name" of the field is serial_number, so, that's what should show up in data factory.
4) The serial number was added later and is populated on 19412 records out of a total of 54,123
5) Do you only get custom fields from the first X number of records? if so, that may be problematic, since many of our fields weren't added till later)


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Hello @MarkTeskey-2895,
Thanks for the patience , unfortunately we are not getting the kind of response from the team here . if you have a support plan you may file a support ticket, else could you please send an email to with the below details, so that we can create a one-time-free support ticket for you to work closely on this matter.
Subscription ID:
Subject : Attn Himanshu
Please let me know once you have done the same.

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