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Property "phones" of orgContact on GraphAPI can't be selected - Is this intended?

When selecting the property "phones" of an orgContact - you do not receive the phone property. All other orgContact properties do work nominaly.


It even gets suggested by the graph explorer and I'm not aware of any limits of the $select query parameter

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Hello @MichaelMican-6350, as the documentation, the endpoint for list contacts looks like this


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Hi @ZehuiYaoMSFT-7151 - To be fully clear i do not mean the personal contacts i mean the orgcontacts:

There is no other tag for orgContacts and the ms graph sdk guys told me to post the question under this tag.

Is there a different Tag for orgContacts, that i do not know about?

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Hello @MichaelMican-6350, I tested the browser and postman and both have the same problem, I need to discuss with my colleague and will get back to you later.

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Hi @ZehuiYaoMSFT-7151 - Is there any update on this?

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