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Looking to provide cost estimate for ASR to client


Apologies in advance for the length on this post, as I would like to convey as much info on the situation as possible, prior to asking the question.

I am researching DR solutions for a client and looking to put together pricing estimates on these. Am currently researching proposing an Asure Site Recovery-based DR solution.

The client is operating on a small single subnet network with a physical on-premises server. The server is running Windows Server 2012 Standard with on premises AD Domain Services. There is no cloud or hybrid Azure connectivity. All resources are local / on premises. There are 6 users on the system, using Windows 10 PC's. Operations are basic file access to the server for Word, Excel, PDF's etc., and they are running QuickBooks Enterprise 2022 on the PC's, with all QB data / company files stored on the server. Email is Office 365 Enterprise Level 1. Most of the users' email is stored in Outlook archive PST's on the server. There are 2 virtual servers running under HyperV:

a) a Mcafee ePO AV policy server, which manages and updates AV setups on all the PCsIn summary a pretty basic setup.
b) a Windows 2012 Remote Desktop Server for users' remote VPN access when working from home or remotely.

That's a summary of the current IT setup. Pretty basic as things go.

With regards to ASR:

I understand the basic concepts of setting up and using ASR are as follows:

1) add an additional on premises physical server to the network to run the local ASR components, namely:

    configuration server for replication management
    process server for replication including compression and encryption
    master target server for failback from DR operations

2) Purchase managed disks under Azure for replicated data. These would be obtained with 1-year reserved vs. Pay-as-you-go. Assuming we would go with Standard SSD drives and not Premium SSD drives, pricing would be as follows:

  • for main physical Windows server - 1 TB SSD @ $77 / month

  • for virtual ePO server - 512 GB SSD @ $39/month

  • for Remote Desktop server - 512 GB SSD @ $39/month

Total storage charges for the 3 managed disks is $155/month.

If we chose to add additional disks for RAID-1 protection that would of course be extra.

3) For each instance of ASR - and there would be 3 in this case - the charge is $25 per instance, so $75/month for the 3 instances.

Appreciate your reading everything to this point. Now comes my actual question, which concerns pricing for the virtual machines:

4) We will of course need to reserve VM's, for both DR testing as well as for an actual DR scenario.
I believe this is called Computer charges. The Da v4 series of VM"s appears to be a good mid-level option for the client's expected usage under a DR scenario, assuming we don't choose to go with Premium SSD's, which would require the Das v4 series of VM's.

Pricing for the DR VM's would be as follows:

a) for DR for the main server - 4 Core / 16 GB RAM / 100 GB temp storage - $82/month
b) for DR for the AV ePO server - 4 Core / 16 GB RAM / 100 GB temp storage - $82/month
c) for DR for the Remote Desktop Server - 8 core / 32 GB RAM / 200 GB temp storage - $165/month

Total for the 3 VM's operating in a DR scenario is $329/month.

THE QUESTION (FINALLY!): Do we need to pay the above 3 VM charges, i.e. the $329/month, on a full-time year-round basis? That would end up being an annual cost of 12 X $329/month or $3948 annually. Or, do we only pay for the VM's during the time that they are "spun up" and being utilized?

5) Since I am not proposing any site-to-site DR, I don't believe we would be looking at significant egress charges. In a DR scenario, the only data egress I am anticipating would be when users need to print to local / home-based printers via their Remote Desktop clients

6) Can you advise if there would be egress charges applicable when failing back, following resolution of the office disaster?

Thank you very much again for your review of the above!

Appreciate in advance any responses you can provide.


Josh Kirman

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Hello @JoshuaKirman-6229 - Thanks for reaching out.
I am currently looking into this and will get back to you shortly.

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@JoshuaKirman-6229 - Hope that the issue is resolved for you. I haven't received any email from you yet. If you are still facing issues, you can send us an email as requested above.

Thank you.

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