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azure function authLevel anonymous requests authentication

I have been working with Azure functions with timer triggers for a while but I am now trying to get an httpTrigger to work and I must be doing something dumb. My project uses Nodejs (16) and I want anonymous access so I have my function.json setup like this:

   "bindings": [
       "authLevel": "anonymous",
       "type": "httpTrigger",
       "direction": "in",
       "name": "req",
       "methods": [ "get" ],
       "route": "test/{key:alpha}"
       "type": "http",
       "direction": "out",
       "name": "res"
   "scriptFile": "../dist/test/index.js"

When I run it locally with Advanced REST Client the function gets called and everything is good.

When I deploy it to Azure and run the request again it prompts with "Authentication required, The endpoint requires user credentials".

I looked around the settings in the Azure portal and everything looks OK to me. I see this and my other trigger functions and I can see under Integration that the function is setup for anonymous authorization.

I have been digging through articles about but no clues as to what I am doing wrong. Any ideas?

Many thanks


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Hmm, function.json looks correct. Can you check the Authentication in the Function App Level, just to make sure there's nothing set there?

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Thanks, let me check...

I checked there and all I see is an option to "Add an identity provider".

I also tried creating a new Azure Function project in VSCode called kfunctest with a single trigger called test. I picked anonymous for the authLevel and left everything else as the default. The function.json is the same as above except for the scriptFile which points to a different index.js file. I am using typescript but I did not make any changes to the index.ts file.

When I run it with curl I get:

 ~/OneDrive/projects $ curl -i
 HTTP/1.1 401 Unauthorized
 Content-Length: 0
 Date: Sun, 17 Apr 2022 15:23:14 GMT
 WWW-Authenticate: Basic realm="site"

I am wondering where in the world the 'basic auth" is coming from. As above the Authorization tab just has an option to "Add identity provider"

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@KenFaubel-7867 , Could you please provide the screenshot of the auth prompt "Authentication required, The endpoint requires user credentials" ?
The kfunctest app doesnt have any authentication mechanism as I checked it from my end. Is there any auth libraries that you are using in the code?

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