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ASRDeploymentPlanner - Profile mode - could not to connect to Host

Running the ASRDeploymentPlanner in profile mode on Hyper-V Host, I get error:

PS C:\Users\inbalsilis\new\ASRDeploymentPlanner-v2.52 (3)\ASRDeploymentPlanner> .\ASRDeploymentPlanner.exe -Operation StartProfiling -virtualization Hyper-V -Directory "C:\Users\inbalsilis\new\ASRDeploymentPlanner-v2.52 (3)\ASRDeploymentPlanner\ProfiledData" -VMListFile "C:\Users\inbal\new\ASRDeploymentPlanner-v2.52 (3)\ASRDeploymentPlanner\ProfiledData\VMList.txt" -NoOfMinutesToProfile 60 -User Contoso\HyperVUser1 -StorageAccountName asrspfarm1 -StorageAccountKey Eby8vdM02xNOcqFlqUwJPLlmEtlCDXJ1OUzFT50uSRZ6IFsuFq2UVErCz4I6tq/K1SZFPTOtr/KBHBeksoGMGw==
Data will be profiled for a duration of 0 Day, 0 Hour(s), 60 Minute(s)
Enter Hyper-V Server password :


Performing prerequisite checks...
Finding all clustered nodes
Finding VMs along with their VHDs....
Prerequisite checks completed.

Total number of profiling virtual machines: 4.
Getting virtual machine details...
VM details stored in file C:\Users\inbal\new\ASRDeploymentPlanner-v2.52 (3)\ASRDeploymentPlanner\ProfiledData\VMdetailList.xml.

Note that throughout estimation will be done after profiling is completed. To include throughput details in the report generation before profiling is over, run the GetThroughput operation separately from another command line console.

Profiling start time = 4/17/2022 8:16:00 AM and profiling end time = 4/17/2022 9:16:00 AM. The tool will take additional time to process the profiled data.

Profiling started. Profiling will run for 0.04 days.

[Don't close this session/console. Closing this session/console will stop the profiling]
Could not to connect to SmartHotelHost for the past 5 minutes at 4/17/2022 8:24:46 AM

I run before commands:
Enable-PSRemoting -Force

What can be to problem to connect to the Host?
Please note, the ProfileData folder contain the 3 files and they were generated successfully:
-a---- 4/14/2022 3:05 PM 14 ServerList.txt
-a---- 4/17/2022 8:15 AM 4211 VMdetailList.xml
-a---- 4/14/2022 3:05 PM 119 VMList.txt

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@InbalSilis-4100 The issue needs to be investigated further to understand the root cause and fix the problem. Recommend you to contact Azure technical support team by raising a technical support request. The ticket enables you to work closely with the support engineers and get a quick resolution to your issue.

Here is the link - to create support case.

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@InbalSilis-4100 Thank you for reaching out to us!

I understand that you are running the ASRDeploymentPlanner in profile mode on Hyper-V Host and being greeted with error "could not connect to the host". Please confirm you have set appropriate permissions to the user as per this guide -

If you have followed guide and still receiving that error, suggest you to follow the below step:

Open cmd prompt in admin mode, go to the root of c: and run again the .exe, like this: CD C:/ASRDeploymentPlanner

Let us know how it goes!

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I have issue local runspace:

I see this error in the CapacityPlanner file:
04/18/2022 14:38:48:VM smarthotelweb1 present
04/18/2022 14:38:48:Processor core count for smarthotelweb1 is 1
04/18/2022 14:38:48:Allocated memory for smarthotelweb1 is 4096 MB
04/18/2022 14:38:48:Nic count for smarthotelweb1 is 1
04/18/2022 14:38:48:GetVhd with VM Id = 732df7e4-fbf5-48e3-b67e-ee9121eefa46
04/18/2022 14:38:48:Utility() -> Creating Remote Run-space on machine:smarthotelhost
04/18/2022 14:38:48:Creating local runspace
04/18/2022 14:38:49:Runspace created. True on smarthotelhost
04/18/2022 14:38:49:Runspace disposed for SmartHotelHost
04/18/2022 14:38:49:VM smarthotelweb1 is not replicating, current state is Disabled
04/18/2022 14:38:49:Virtual Fibre Adapter count for smarthotelweb1 is 0
04/18/2022 14:38:49:VM smarthotelweb2 present
04/18/2022 14:38:49:Processor core count for smarthotelweb2 is 1
04/18/2022 14:38:49:Allocated memory for smarthotelweb2 is 4096 MB
04/18/2022 14:38:49:Nic count for smarthotelweb2 is 1
04/18/2022 14:38:49:GetVhd with VM Id = b169a405-fb33-4e99-acbc-3e050ab30530
04/18/2022 14:38:49:Utility() -> Creating Remote Run-space on machine:smarthotelhost
04/18/2022 14:38:49:Creating local runspace
04/18/2022 14:38:50:Runspace created. True on smarthotelhost
04/18/2022 14:38:50:Runspace disposed for SmartHotelHost
04/18/2022 14:38:50:VM smarthotelweb2 is not replicating, current state is Disabled
04/18/2022 14:38:50:Virtual Fibre Adapter count for smarthotelweb2 is 0

Any suggestion?

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This seems to be some permission issue to access host.
Is the firewall disabled on the machine?
Can you check if the host is accessible from machine where planner is running?

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Planner runing on Host machine itself.
any other idea?

The Planner is installed on Hyper-V 2019

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