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Microsoft Smooth Stream Fragment URL Limitation


We are trying to play smooth stream with one kind of Set-Top-Box but we are facing with difficulties. There are 2 major problem;

1-For unicast live events, our CDN is just supporting "Fragments" keyword but player which is silverlight sending request as "FragmentInfo". Is there a way to fix on player side or should we support "FragmentInfo" keyword on CDN side.

2-For unicast VOD events, player even not sending any request to CDN after download manifest files.

We have too long URL coming with manifest. Do we have any limitation regarding url size. I can share url example with microsoft in case needed.

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Hi @bzkrtmurat-8114 ,

Fragments and FragmentInfo are the same to a certain extent. After CDN supports Fragments, it does not need to be set to support FragmentInfo. FragmentInfo request allows the client to retrieve the metadata of a fragment without downloading the full media payload.
Once you are in DVR, you need a way to keep track of currently live without using too much bandwidth. FragmentInfo allows the player and server to know what are the fragment and following fragment of the requested fragment, and how should the player combine fragment without requesting the entire large fragment.

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