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How to convert column 'Completed' value from text Yes/No to a checkbox in SharePoint@ List?

Good morning,

I accidently deleted built-in default column 'Completed' from my SharePoint 2013 Task List. So I had to manually added a new column 'Completed' in type of 'Calculated' w value 'Yes/No'. This column then display text value 'Yes' or 'no' on the list. How to convert text value into a checkbox (exactly like built-in)? When box is checked, that means the task is completed so the List will automatically updated '%Complete' from 0% to 100%, and strikethrough the task name. When the box unchecked, that mean the task has not been completed yet. How to make this happen?

Thank you for your response.

Annie Tang

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I am currently doing some research on this issue, will let you know as soon as possible.
Thank you for your understanding and support.

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Hi @AnnieTang-6847

1.If you want to restore the deleted column in the original list, you need to use JS code. This method is relatively cumbersome, I will give you some similar posts for reference. I suggest that it is more convenient for you to create a new task list.

2.If there are many tasks in the list, it is recommended that you add a calculated type column and display the checkbox by modifying the format. This method can only achieve a similar display to the original on the display, but you cannot select the check box to check the completed task, and you still need to manually change the %Complete from 0 to 100.Specific steps are as follows.

1)Create Column->Select Calculated type; Fill in the formula; Select display type as Number->OK
The formula reference is as follows: where Completed2 is the Completed column of type calculated that you added manually before.

2)A check box column will be added to the list, and the completed task will be displayed in the check box.

3)If you only want to show the checkbox column, you could hide the manually added 'Completed' column.
Modify this View->Uncheck this column->OK

4)Edit selected item->Change the %Complete from 0 to 100->Save

References to third-party documentation:
how to set the checkbox(mark task complete) option in task list?
How does the SharePoint task list checkbox works (Completed & Task Name event)?

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Hi @AnnieTang-6847,

Is there anything else I can help with regarding this issue?

You can comment us at any time and we will continue to follow up.

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Hi Xuyan,

Thank you for your solution. I will re-create a new task list to bring back build-in Completed column since the manual checkbox will not be acceptable by my office.

Thanks again,
Annie Tang

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Hi @AnnieTang-6847,

If this answer helpful to you, please remember to accept it. It will help others who meet the similar question in this forum. Thank you for your understanding.

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