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Unable to use a bot deployed from bot framework

Hi there,
I created a bot on, and after that I went to test via Teams channel. However, the bot status was "Disabled" on Teams, and the message is below:
Here's what this app can do:
Send instant messages
Receive instant messages

I wonder how I can fix it. Thank you!
(BTW: I can test on another account, this is confusing)

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@MikersonSun-7749 I believe you are able to use the bot with one of the tenant on teams but on the first one. I think this behavior is expected if sideloading is not enabled for apps on that tenant. This is one of the prerequisite for connecting the bot with teams channel by preparing the MS 365 tenant.

I am also adding teams related tags to this thread so the teams community could chip in with their comments. Thanks!!

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@MikersonSun-7749-Could you please elaborate your requirement and share the repro steps, so that we can try it from our end?

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@MikersonSun-7749-Could you please confirm if your issue has resolved or still looking for any help?

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