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outllook can't connect to sever

Hello all,

We meet a Gordian knot, Outlook 2016 shows disconnect or something error after windows enterprise update form 1909 to 21H1 or small version update. There are many people have this issue in our company. We have tried many method, But still there are some person have this issue except reinstall windows(Inconvenient). You can see the ticket for details:

We have tried:
1.Recover from 21H1 to 1909 if it is not more than 10 days(worked)
2.21H1 small version update: uninstall monthly update(worked)
3.reconfig windows profile(not all laptops can worded)

Could you please help with it?

Best Regards
Rock Wu

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Hi @PCNWuRockIT-8309 ,

Welcome to our forum!

In order to verify your issue, could you please provide some detailed information:
1. What detailed version of Outlook are you using? Please make sure that you upgrade it to the latest.
2. What type of account are you using?

Based on my search for this error, this issue may be caused by several reasons.

As I know, any anti-virus programs may also affect the connectivity of Outlook and server, it's suggested to close other antivirus programs temporarily to check if the issue still exists.

Since the issue occurred only recently, in order to avoid the interference of corrupted outlook profile, it's suggested to create a new outlook profile and readd your account to check.(control panel>mail>show profiles>add>readd your account)

If above doesn't help, Repair Office from Control Panel.

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Hi Faery,

Office version was 2203, you can see the photo.

We have tried method that you mentioned. Like closing firewall, create profile, online repair, use microsoft office tools, re-config windows profile(except reinstall windows). They are not working. They use other laptop or clean windows should ok. We can't reinstall now and want to find reason.

Many of my team-workers have this issue. Please help us.

Best Regards
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Hi @PCNWuRockIT-8309 ,
Have you removed the credential?

Type credential manager in the search box on the taskbar and select Credential Manager Control panel.
Select Web Credentials or Windows Credentials to access the credentials you want to manage.


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Hi Faery,

We only have this Credentials on picture. Do we try to remove them?

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