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Teams meeting video call speed and resolution

If we use Teams meeting to do virtual class.
Besides the organiser's internet bandwidth and speed matter, in the view from participants what factors would affect the video resolution, and smoothness?

  • Number of participants?

  • Number of participants using open camera?

  • share powerpoint + organiser's camera in the same screen?

  • etc...

And how can a participant can really see a smooth & high resolution of the organiser from their laptop?


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Hello @HUNGXander-5002

Thanks for your post!

This statement is true >>>>"Besides the organiser's internet bandwidth and speed matter"

Then, we need to understand how this app is used from connection prospective.... For instance, the following details may need to be considered:

  • Are the participants using MS Team via web based or application based?

  • Are they using a VPN client application?

  • Depends on the previous answer.... Are they using force tunneling or split tunneling at the VPN client?

  • Do you know if the end users are using wire/wireless headsets?

  • Check input/output settings for MS Team platform at the local PC level or browser level

  • NIC health status (High Usage on the Network interface Card)

and so on....

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for example, a virtual class on exercise, if only consider from the organiser (hardware / software / number of participant control), what can be done to make sure participants view the smoothest and highest resolution...?

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Well for this one, I would say the following observations...

-If it is possible to use the MS Teams desktop application when using a PC....

-if it is not possible to use the application and the end-user needs to use the MS Teams via web based, please try to keep using few tabs on the internet browser.

-When using the MS Teams desktop application try to check this setting >>>>>> "Disable GPU hardware acceleration in Teams. To disable this function, select the Settings and more menu next to your profile picture at the top right of Teams, and then select the Disable GPU hardware acceleration option"

-If end-users is using MS Teams desktop application and no good results are seen so, try to clean the caching on the app... For instance:

l*Clear Teams cache in Windows**

If Teams is still running, right-click the Teams icon in the taskbar, and then select Quit.

Open the Run dialog box by pressing the Windows logo key +R.

In the Run dialog box, enter %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams, and then select OK.

Delete all files and folders in the %appdata%\Microsoft\Teams directory.

Restart Teams.

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