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Teams issue

Hello Teams Community,

Please i need your help on this issue.

In Mid-February I was doing a bit of tidying up of a Teams Team, its Channels, and respective filing.

I was basically moving files and folders from various Channels in the Team and moving them to the General Channels filing. After each channel was cleared of its filing the respective channels were deleted.

This I thought was successful but when I went to look for various files last week I found various files to be missing despite me moving them all.

I have since then endeavored to reverse the process by restoring the deleted channels on Teams and restoring deleted files and folders from the respective Sharepoint Recyling bin. The various documents still seem to be missing however.

I had a search around various community blogs where I see others seem to have experienced such issues but no solution has been found.

I am currently having to find various files from colleagues personal filing, email trails and various Teams Chat feeds. However this is both time consuming and we can not assume those version are up to date, that is even if we find them.

I hope this explains my concerns, fears and frustrations better.

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Hi @66304432

Do you mean the file you moved to general channel cannot be find in your Teams client?

Are these documents are stored in SharePoint Site before?

The various documents still seem to be missing however.

Based on my knowledge, if it has been more than 30 days since you deleted the file, this is no longer an option (unless your administrator has set a longer time limit). could you check if these deleted files have been deleted more than 30 days?

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Thank you for your reply.

I moved files from old Teams Channels that were then subsequently deleted.

The files when I went back to them disappeared on Teams Client (web, desktop, etc) and I also have checked SharePoint and they were not visible there either. I have also checked the recycling bins on SharePoint and nothing was there.

This is a huge concern to us not only for these files but also our concerns about how robust and reliable Microsoft 365 is for file storage.

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Hi @66304432

It is really strange! I did a test in our environment and we could see the moved files in the channel and SharePoint online with no issue.

Have you checked if these document moved to another channel completely before deleting these channels?

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