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Pivoting Query Issue ADX


I have data in my table like below.


after pivoting the data looks like


I have build the query for this. But i want to check the date filter condition dynamically if there is no data for the given date it should return empty instead of error.


I am passing the another Indate value where data is not exists in the table with that date.In that case its throwing an error mentioned below.


I know the error is because no data in the table for the input date and we are selecting the Pivoted columns in the project. Can we do anything if no data exists for the given input date then it should not execute the statement lineno:6 i mean | project EventUTCDateTime,OPERATOR,PROFILE

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Hello @SQL-6436,

We are reaching out to the internal team to get more details on this issue. I will be update you once I hear back from the team.

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Would be great if you have some inputs on this issue and suggest the same to me.

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