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edge 浏览器稳定版无法打开阿里云盘的网页

edge 浏览器稳定版(版本 100.0.1185.44 )无法正常打开阿里云盘的网页,但是beta版本(版本 101.0.1210.19 (正式版本) beta)可以正常打开。

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Hi @fengeva-3062 ,

The openspec-* tags are dedicated to supporting issues related to open specifications. You can find open specifications here

Since your question does not pertain to one of these specifications, I've removed the openspecs-questions tag and added the ms-edge tag. Hopefully this will get your post the proper attention.

If I've misunderstood your question and you believe this is related to the Open Specifications documents, please clarify, providing the document name and section with which you have the question or issue.

Best Regards,

Michael Bowen
Escalation Engineer - Microsoft Open Specifications

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Hi @fengeva-3062

Currently in Microsoft Q&A we only support English, could you please edit your question into English?

For your question, I test to open the site in Edge stable and it works well. Is there any error when you open the site in Edge stable? Could you please provide the screenshot when it doesn't work in Edge stable? Do other sites work well in Edge stable?

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This problem is real, and I have encountered it.
It should be noted that the official website of Ali Cloud disk can be accessed, but the sharing link of Ali Cloud disk cannot be opened, which will display a blank. This problem has not been encountered in other browsers.

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