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Diagnostic Task in SCOM Monitor

Hi All, Thanks in advance.

I have created a SCOM Monitor to check if a specific process is running more than one hour and its generating alerts.

I created a Diagnostic Task. Once the alerting condition met the Diagnostic task will fire automatically.

My requirement would be every 30 minutes the diagnostic task needs to run if the SCOM monitor is unhealthy. Is it possible.


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No, not possible.

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Not even with a custom Powershell based Recovery Task?

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You could have the powershell script itself run a loop which would check if the issue is fixed and with a 30min start-sleep inside it t, but that would not really be "firing the task every 30min if the monitor in unhealthy"...
Said otherwise, you can do whatever you want inside the script but it will start only once.

And remember to increase the Timeout interval for the recovery task, otherwise the script could get killed prematurly

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