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Upload text file into body of API in Azure API Management

So I am building an Azure front end for our TTS+ on API Management, and I need to allow the API user to pass a text file and then turn the text into the body field of teh API call. I know if I denote the body as Binary that the system will ask me to upload a file, but in this case, I not only need to upload the file, but turn the body of the file into the body of the call to the webservice.

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@BrianGarr-2132 Thanks for reaching out. The query is more towards developing your web application rather than APIM. I am not sure in which language you are building your application. But in case you are using
ASP .NET Core then you can refer to this document. Once you have the stream in your application you can now call the APIM endpoint over REST call and pass the stream.

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