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What is the substitute in Windows 11 or Edge for IE's Compatibility View

We have a legacy app that only runs on IE. I got it to work on Windows 10 and Microsoft edge by doing three things. I first started in IE.

Setting Security to low

Put our website into Trusted sites

Ran the website into compatibility view

I then opened Edge and Changed Default Browser to Edge.

I allowed Internet Explorer open sites in Microsoft Edge.

I also chose to run our web app in IE Mode.

I then updated to Windows 11. It works for me there.

Unfortunately, I cannot get our client's new machines to work because I cannot find where to set up the parameters for the compatibility view. What in Windows 11 is the substitute? Here's what our menu looks like. Screen doesn't appear correct and menu buttons don't work. The app is written in Classic ASP and VBScript.


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Hi @PaulVriend-3089

In Windows 11, you can set compatibility view in Enterprise Mode Site List. To use Enterprise Mode Site List to load IE mode sites, you need to configure group policies to set IE mode.

You can refer to this doc to configure IE mode using group policies. The steps are like below:

  1. Enable Internet Explorer integration using Group Policy

  2. Configure the Enterprise Mode Site List

For how to create the Enterprise Mode Site List, you can refer to this doc. You need to figure out which compatibility mode your site use in IE 11, then set the corresponding compatibility view in Enterprise Mode Site List. For example, if it use IE 10 compatibility mode, the sample sites list file is like below:

 <site-list version="4">
     <date-created>04/12/2022 06:53:26</date-created>
   <site url="">

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Yu Zhou

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Hi @PaulVriend-3089

May I know whether your issue has been solved or not? If not, please share it in here. We can work together to figure it out.

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Hi Yu,

This won't work for us because we need to have this solved on the local machines of our clients. They have to set something up to run compatibility view in Edge for our web site. I was looking for a registry setting or something of that nature.

Thank you so much for responding. I appreciate the time you took to do so.


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Hi @PaulVriend-3089

You can also use registry settings to get the same result as the group policies. The group policies I mentioned in my answer have corresponding registry settings: InternetExplorerIntegrationLevel, InternetExplorerIntegrationSiteList.

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