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How to receive message from all chat threads

I try to implement a list that shows all chat threads with the last message, if any thread receives the new message, I want to put that thread at the top of the list, but I cannot find any API that can receive the message from all threads.

Is there have any way to achieve this?

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Thanks for reaching here! Could you please share some more details. You probably need to use a combination of API calls for that. Also depending on the use case, some SDKs will have realtime notifications available so the client can subscribe to new messages without having to call the APIs.

Assuming you want to get the list of threads for a particular user, you can use the GetChatThreads operation in any of the SDKs. It will give you the list of threads with the datetime for the last message received on.

Let us know.

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Sorry for late reply, I like to subscribe the new messages, and I found out the azure/communication-chat provide the realtime notifications to handle this.

Thanks for help.

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thanks for update here. Glad to know it helped.

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