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Office Online 2019, any configuration to display reply button for comments

We tried to edit document in office online. document was stored in our application which we have integrated with office online 2019

*user1 have entered his comments in office online and gave it to another user2 for response to his comments. now user2 have responded to his comments in local Microsoft word and gave it to user1 . however now user1 is not able to respond to the comments because he was not able to see reply button, any suggestions to display the reply button would be really helpful.

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Hi @PavanVakkanthula-0900

Which version of Office desktop clients are user 2 running?
Such as Office 2019, Microsft 365 apps or others.

Besides, can you take a screenshot from User 1 that shows the interface of the comments.
(Please note, if there is any privacy information, you can cover it.)
Thanks for your understanding.

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Hi @emilyhua-msft

User 2 is using Microsoft word 2016. I have attached the screenshot from user1 where he opened the document in office online and trying reply to his earlier comments and user2 comments. as you can see in the right side of the screenshot he was not able to see the reply button.

Thanks for your kind response.

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