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C++ - How draw an image with the 4 corners?

can i draw an image(entire image) with 4 corners?
the PlgBlt() works only with 3 corners, i can't use the 4 corner :(

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According to the Doc:

The fourth vertex of the parallelogram (D) is defined by treating the first three points (A, B, and C ) as vectors and computing D = B +CA.

PlgBlt can only result in a parallelogram.

What do you mean draw an image(entire image) with 4 corners? Could you please provide some screenshots to tell us what you are trying to draw?

And I suggest you could refer to the Doc: Using a Pen to Draw Lines and Shapes

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the image have 4 corners. now imagine if i rotate it on X, Y and Z. the distance between the TopLeft and BottomLeft can be more big than the distance between TopRight and BottomRight... unless the PlgBlt() is prepared for that

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