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AVD AAD Login Works with Web Client but not Desktop Client

I am in the process of setting up an AAD Joined AVD environment using personal pools and running into issues with sign-in. 

I found that I needed to exclude the Azure Windows VM Sign-In Cloud App from our Conditional Access policy to allow AAD credential login and I was then able to log in via the Web Client with my AAD credentials successfully. However, I am now getting "The logon attempt failed" when I try to sign in via the desktop client to test the Teams optimization. This happens when trying to RDP into other VM's from on-prem with AAD credentials, as well, but was hoping it would work for the AVD pool. 

Any ideas why it would work via the web client and not the desktop client?

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@MatthewWilhite-9425 Apologies for the delay. I need more information to be able to help you on this:

  1. Does Client Computer meets the requirements for Windows RDClient as described here: Deploy Azure AD joined VMs in Azure Virtual Desktop - Azure | Microsoft Docs

  2. Can you please verify that the same user account can logon to the endpoint VM locally. This can be done by connecting to the VM using a local admin account and running the following command: runas /user:AzureAD\<user's UPN> cmd.exe

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Yes to both.

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