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How to discover display name and icon location for a Windows Notification AppUserModelId

I need to find out the display name and icon location for the subkeys entries under this Windows Registry key: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Notifications\Settings

These subkeys are entries in Windows 10/11 "Notifications & Actions". In there, they have a Display Name and an Icon representation.

I believe these subkeys are AppUserModelId and there is also some like this: Microsoft.Explorer.Notification.{0FAD3B9E-911D-13AC-5879-28F3EFEECE6E} which are regular applications that had fire some notifications and Windows Explorer has captured them.

Anyway, I can't find a way to discover how to get their information (display name and icon path).

Windows "Notifications & Actions" does display their name and icon. So I need to do the same.

I have already spent hours trying to find out a Win32 API or WinRT class to retrieve this information but I haven't been able to sort this out.

Does anybody know where I can't get this information from?
Preferably in C++ using RoInitialize to use WinRT.

Thank you!

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Windows uses undocumented interfaces like IAumidNotificationSettings, so it is difficult to find all details...
(for standard AUMIDs, Package/Manifest APIs can be used (I had posted a sample in C# in this thread)

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Hi Castorix31,
Do you have more details about the undocumented interfaces like IAumidNotificationSettings?
I already have code to extract info from the standard AUMIDs (package/manifest) but the keys under are not standard ones.
Thank you

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No, I could generate some COM interfaces and connect to them (CoCreateInstance, ... from CLSID_NotificationSettings, INotificationSettings, ... and only in x64)
but I got random values and not usable, although existing in registry

Maybe some people from MS could help, but if they are undocumented, maybe MS don't want that we use them...

(a tool like OleViewDotNet can be used to generate interfaces, but it is complex...)

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Probably there is no direct Win32API to retrieve these information.
But these information does reside in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\AppUserModelId\<YOUR_AUMID> according to Send a local toast notification from other types of unpackaged apps for ToastNotificationManager way And in ShortCut Property System.AppUserModel.RelaunchDisplayNameResource for DesktopAppToasts way according to How to enable desktop toast notifications through an AppUserModelID.

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HI there,
Indeed there are some keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Classes\AppUserModelId\<YOUR_AUMID> but not all of them.
All of the entries in Notifications do not have shortcuts and so it can't get any info using IShellLink
Let me know if you have other ideas
Thank you

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