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Large file transfers to 365 net empty folders online

When my agency copies an employee home folder to 365 only the top-level files copy over. The subfolder structure is created but the actual subfolder files are never copied over. Is there a tool or other method we should be using? We waste a lot of time with what we are currently doing.

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@WolffAaron-4532 Thanks for posting in our Q&A. For this issue, what did you mean 365 net? Could you please clarify which place did you want to cope the folder to?

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By "net" I mean "result in".

We have a file server on the domain and a user's folder with many Gigabytes of data needed to be copied to SharePoint 365. We dragged and dropped the user's folder to the SharePoint 365 location. When the upload progress meter was finished, all of the subfolders were online but most of said subfolders were empty. We had to manually drill down to each subfolder's lowest folder to see if there were any files missing and then manually copy the files to each folder.

This presents an epic waste of time. I have read about the 365 Migration tool but it seems like this is meant for an organization's initial roll-out. What about file migrations as needed? Is there a helpful Microsoft tool for that?

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Hi @WolffAaron-4532,

You could use SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) to migrate files to SharePoint online.

1.Start a new migration


2.Click File share


3.Choose your folder, remember to check "Migrate selected floder and folder contents" option


4.Select Copy content to SharePoint


5.Type your site url

196791-5.jpg library you want to migrate to


For Reference: Install the SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT)

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Hi @WolffAaron-4532,

Is there any update on this thread? Comment here if you still need any help.

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Thank you for your detailed response. We won't know if it works until we test it, however, so I technically cannot mark it as the answer yet. I forwarded your steps and page where my colleague can download the Migration Tool, but we may not need to try it yet.

My colleague was able to get the large folder to copy 100% in one try via SharePoint. It appears the problem we were having is when we attempted large folder transfers through Teams.

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Hi @WolffAaron-4532,

Thanks for you reply, SharePoint Migration Tool (SPMT) support migrate files to Teams too.

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