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Data backup and restore on mysql

We configured Mysql database with a backup of 30 days. As part of our ISO Audit process we were asked to show the successful data backup alerts happening every day. At the same time we were also asked to show a successful restore.

While we see that the backup is configured successfully we do not have any alerts which show that it is backed up successfully. Is there a way to configure alerts. The other problem is we need to show proof that we can restore the backed up data atleast once even if it is on a lower environment.

When we tried to do a backup we found that it is asking us to create a new server altogether to restore the backed up data, while we want to restore the data to a specific date and time in the same server (We were using Code guard service earlier using which we can perform this restoration). How do we achieve this. If this can be done only onto a new server do we have to change all the existing connections of app services to this new database? Is this how it is designed?

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Hi @KoteswaraPentakota-9480, welcome to Microsoft Q&A forum and thanks for reaching out to us.

Azure MySQL automated backups takes the backup of entire server not specific databases, hence when we try to restore them we need to create a new server and that would make us to change the existing connections in case we want to point the services to this new server.

However we can still take database specific backup which can then be restored back onto same server. Below are 2 articles that explain the step by step process to do the same:

Backup Azure Database for MySQL to a Blob Storage

Automate backups of your Azure Database for MySQL server to azure storage for longer term retention

Restoring them again will be simple command based operation. This will also give us option to configure alerts/notification when a new file is added to azure storage.

As much as I checked and know we dont have any specific alerts for automated backups on azure MySQL, however I am reaching out to team to check their inputs as well.

Just one query, are you using Single Server or Flexible Server?

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Hi @AnuragSharma-MSFT

I believe it is a single server.

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Thanks for replying back @KoteswaraPentakota-9480.

For single servers we can create an alert on resource group/subscription that can notify us on create/update of any new Azure MySQL Server as mentioned below, but this is not just limited to restore.


However, for backups we dont have any direct alert available but we can use 'Backup Storage Used' alert and set up with a value that could trigger an alert.

Just one more thing we wanted to bring is Single server is running with existing feature only and more features/new changes are being done on Flexible Server side and the recommendation from us is to start using the flexible server. We also have a backup and restore blade in Flexible Server that lists out all the backup taken by azure.


More features are being added on Flexible Server and I would request you to please explore it once.

Please let us know if you have any other queries and we can continue discussion.

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Hi @KoteswaraPentakota-9480, just wanted to check if this helps or else we can discuss further.

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