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Error message when trying to create FortiGate REST API for SDWAN integration

I am getting the below error message when trying to deploy FortiGate REST API to integrate the devices with Azure SDWAN HUB.

The requested features are not supported in the region. Please try another region.

I asked FortiGate support and they confirmed that Fortigate SDWAN integration is supported in Canada central.

Can you please help with a workaround?

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Hello @AlDehnehTareq-4961

Thanks for your post.

Have you checked if you have any quota limitation?


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No, We don't have any quota limitations.

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Did you check the resource SKU on this region?


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Can you be more specific? What is the purpose of checking Sku?

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The Locations API document is the one below as well as other info....

"The Locations API, GET{subscriptionId}/locations?api-version=2020-01-01"

On the section, you might get a better idea about SKU's examples*

If a SKU isn't available for your subscription in a location or zone that meets your business needs, submit a SKU request to Azure Support.

To determine which SKUs are available in a location or zone, use the az vm list-skus command.

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