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Delimiter is not separating the Statements.

I am fairly new to the SQL Server Management Studio. I just installed it running the first code. For me, the delimiter; is not separating the statements. As you can see in the picture attached, all the statements are grouped, and when I run any one of them all three run at the same time. See the window below for the run code result.

I have tried POP SQL, this doen't happen in it. Each time when I hit Run, only the potion where my cursor is the code until delimiter runs.

My question is - is there any setting to make the SSMS recognize the delimiter and in the outlining, not to group the statements separated by a ";" delimiter. Here all three codes are part of one group as only one outline. Normally, only the code until the delimiter is part of one outlined group.


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Hi @DarpanRuparel-9136

Query with SSMS will excute all the contents of the current window, unless highlight a query and then run
You can choose to select directly with the mouse, or be quicker, you can just click on a line number, which will highlight the whole line

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Hi @Yufeishao-msft 195946-5d1ed7c8-cf9b-4ea4-8e12-8168e6f4636e.jpeg

Thanks for the response. Okay I understand the behaviour of running the whole code the screen in SSMS from your response.

But as in the picture I posted with the question, please look at the outline. Shouldn’t the outline be separated by the delimiter?

I am attaching a picture that I found on YouTube. Here the outline shows different groups based on delimiter. I have circled red on it.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi @DarpanRuparel-9136,

About Code Outlining you can refer to this article:
Multiline statements can achieve the same effect:

Direct line feeds can create the same effect, You can set it in edit->outline

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