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Why displayed "Search for app in the Store?" when an execution file is double-clicked.

I created a desktop client application and distributed it for some peoples.
One of them reported following message was displayed when he double-clicked the app to start.
He selected "No" and the app normally started.

Search for app in the Store? You need to install an app for this task. Would you like to search for one in the store?

Would you tell me why the message displayed?
I tried following work around and finally resolved the problem.
But I don't understand the root cause.

< Work Around >
1. Right-click the execution file and select "properties".
2. At "General" tab, check the box "Unblock" next to the text below.

This file came from another computer and maybe blocked to protect this computer.

3. "Apply" > "OK"
4. After this operation, the message above is not displayed.

< Environment >
Edition: Windows 10 Pro
Version: 21H2
Install Date: 2022/02/09
OS Build: 19044.1526
Experience: Windows Feature Experience Pack 120.2212.4170.0

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Did you develop this application?
Is this Windows Application or Microsoft Store App (UWP)?

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Yes I developed. It is Windows Application (WPF).

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I believe there are some programming related issue in your code.
I add relevant tags.

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Hi,@Hoshima13-3748 . Could you show project code that reproduces the problem? Can you show more detailed steps? For example which publishing method and distribution?

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Hi, @HuiLiu-MSFT . I'm afraid that I can't fully show project code because it's commercial application.

When I distribute, do following steps.
1. Run build at Azure DevOps.
2. Download build artifacts(dll, exe, pdb etc.) and compress(zip).
3. Copy them into a USB-HDD. (at my PC)
4. Connect the USB-HDD to another PC, and copy them into a file server. (The server is separated from my PC on TCP/IP network)
5. Decompress them.
6. Users copy build artifacts from file server and use them.

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Hi,@Hoshima13-3748 . This question has nothing to do with wpf, maybe someone related to windows will answer his question.

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Thanks, everyone. I'll ask this issue for microsoft support.
So close this case.

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