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Master Data Services - change service account


We are currently dealing with the security request from our client regarding changing of the service account on SQL Server 2016 Master Data Services. The account was initially created almost 10 years ago and due to new security policies it needs to be replaced with another one that fits those new policies. We are talking about the domain user that is chosen during the web application setup.

Is there a way to change the user to a new one without having to reinstall MDS?

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Hi @TomislavHlupi-6294,

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Please read this ducument:
Hope this could give you some help.

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Hello Seeya,

My question doesn't cover the topic of security inside the web application, but the configuration for the Web application (IIS) in the MDS Installation Configuration. Unfortunately, the link does not provide any information about my initial request.

Kind regards,
Tomislav Hlupić

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