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how to configure Azure Load Testing Task in YAML to send client certificates from KeyStore.p12 file as input to test?

Hi MS Team,

I am trying to configure load test using .yaml file (using Azure Load Testing Task) and want to use multiple certificates in KeyStore.p12 file as input to my test. By using this KeyStore.p12 file and a KeyStoreAliasReference.csv referred in jmx file, I am able to run this using jmeter where I am configuring following properties in file of jmeter.,,, https.use.cached.ssl.context=false,https.keyStoreStartIndex=0,https.keyStoreEndIndex=3


and tried passing above properties in yaml configuration using following but did not work.

Please suggest on how/where can these properties be specified so that certificates from KeyStore.p12 file are picked up correctly.

env: |
[ {
"name": "",
"value": "PKCS12",
} and so on


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