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Ediscovery for only external contacts.

I want to search only for emails sent to any domain except my organization. I tried to use the following search conditions:
However, it does not return mail sent to both external and internal people. For example:
This email won't be displayed in search and it was sent to external domain.

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Hi @22337703

In order to help you, we require more information.

Share the screenshot of the configuration of your eDiscovery case??

Getting that information may help you (and me) to understand the current situation.

Carlos Solís Salazar

NOTE: To answer you as quickly as possible, please mention me in your reply.

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Hi @22337703

I will need some time to test this in my environment to see the result.

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Could you please try using search-mailbox to perform the same search?

In my test, NOT in ediscovery search cannot filter the correct results however search-mailbox works.
Get-Mailbox | Search-Mailbox -SearchQuery "NOT" -TargetMailbox "xxx" -TargetFolder "xxx"

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